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SISTER SWAP: A Home Town Holiday & Christmas in the City!

It'a a green light  on PR for these delightful movies! I play mama to Kimberly Williams Paisley and Ashely Williams!!! Just THE most fun , and ever Hallmark! So , starting this November, get your popcorn and tissues . .  off we go!

HARLEM, EP 109: (The new Tracy Oliver Project)

NOW Streaming on AMAZON! My first IN PERSON project since the pandemic started. What a total KICK to actually work off of other human beings!!!  Especially the likes of Jerrie Johnson and Shoniqua Shandai!!! Also, if you ever get the chance to work with director, Neema Barnette, count yourself lucky.

SEASONS: Four Love Stories

Wrapped on this this fall.  Beautiful Indie by Paul Schwartz. Four 'seasonal' love stories in one film. 

Such a fun ride! My character, a successful Romance Novelist, let's her imagination get the best of her.  With, Brian Hotaling and Kathleen Simmonds. Will keep you posted on the release


COLDER THAN here, By Laura Wade,  A reading.

beautiful little gem of a play. Gillian Todd & Molly Leland pulled together this sweet evening. They played my daughters, and  the fabulous, Mark Jacoby, my husband. Directed by Jacklyn Biskup. Fingers crossed that this might find a home!


I had the privilege of narrating this beautiful book by, ILENE V. FISHMAN, LCSW. In private psychotherapy practice for 36 years, this book is the extraordinary offering of her particular approach - learned through her own traumatic struggles with childhood abuse, subsequent eating disorders  and the all too often poor therapy she received. She is a survivor who fought to 'fix' herself, and because of that fight, now offers up her unique approach to helping others.


Blacklist, Hunters, Assisted Living, Bull, Blue Bloods, Homeland