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The latest:


HALLMARK:  (shhhhh - Think Christmas!)

I'm just back from a month of shooting in the beautiful state of UTAH! As soon as Hallmark gives me the go ahead, I will publish all info. For now, all I can say is that I had an absolute blast!!!

HARLEM: (Working title for the new Tracy Oliver Project)

Working title for the new Tracy Oliver Project. Will airr on Amazon. Details to follow. My first IN PERSON project since the pandemic started. What a total KICK to actually work off of other human beings!!!  Especially the likes of Jerrie Johnson and Shoniqua Shandai!!! Also, if you ever get the chance to work with director, Neema Barnette, count yourself lucky.



I just finished narrating this beautiful book by, ILENE V. FISHMAN, LCSW. In private psychotherapy practice for 36 years, this book is the extraordinary offering of her particular approach - learned through her own traumatic struggles with childhood abuse, subsequent eating disorders  and the all too often poor therapy she received. She is a survivor who fought to 'fix' herself, and because of that fight, now offers up her unique approach to helping others.



Well Kids, it was fun while it lasted! We started shooting down in Baltimore, I had a nice recurring, we were two wks into production when the Pandemic hit. In August I got the news that the show would not be moving forward. While I'm sad for me, I am extremely sorry for the team that put this together. SO much time and effort. Good Lord - they built the Whitehouse down there in Baltimore! Shout out to Show Runner/Writer, Anthony Peckham!


A beautiful new play by,  Paul Schwartz. Directed by Janet Bentley 

The Blacklist : 

Watch for me as Mrs. Sue Fenberg, Ep. 711. I live in a mansion and am  rather upset about some goings on with my paintings. :))) Great fun. Will  post airdate ASAP


Love this play by Barra Grant! We had a lovely run - pre-Pandemic!

HBO Series - HUNTers! 

Thank you Tucker Meyerson for casting me as 'Sister Colin' in Al Pacino's fascinating new series about Nazi hunters in the US in 1977. A good guest spot - British Catholic nun. Episode 106. 

new web series - ASSISTED LIVING! -

Look for me - the new 'bitch boss from hell - 'Celeste Butcher' - just TOO much fun!!!  By creators Alli Trussell and Amanda Bullis - with superb writing by, Molly Rydzel!

HOMELAND! - FINAL Season Opener

Well Kids, I've been to Morocco and back! Yep - flew over the pond to shoot a small spot in it's 8th season. What a total treat. What a class act the entire group was. Special shout out to Leslie Linka Glatter and Alex Ganza.