In the past two years I have had the pleasure of playing wonderfully diverse characters! An actor's dream!

You never know what's around the corner. Life is full of potential. Age can actually be a plus!!!!

Here are some thoughts from some of the marvelous people with whom I have had the opportunity to collaborate. 

"I had the honor of working with Anna Holbrook on a new play I had written that was produced as part of the Broadway Bound Theatre Festival.  The play was experimental, the role extremely demanding and the Festival timing incredibly tight.  I was worried that any actor would be able to rise to the occasion.  It's difficult for me to express just how much I grew to admire, respect and adore my leading lady.  Ms. Holbrook is, first and foremost, incredibly talented.  On top of that she is a consummate professional, a true collaborator and a lovely human-being.  Working with her on the development of my play was truly a gift. She left audiences on their feet and this playwright forever in her debt."   -  Amy da Luz, playwright

“Anna Holbrook is that rare talent that doesn't just ‘perform,’ she ‘inhabits’ her characters with such truth and honesty, she and the role become one. It was a privilege to have her star in my play Natural Life. She delivered with a virtuosity that garnered much deserved unanimous praise.”  

Eduardo Lopez - Author - Natural Life

"Anna Holbrook is simply brilliant and a director's dream to work with."  Jake Turner - Director - Natural Life

“Anna is a wonderfully talented intelligent passionate actress who works with such amazing discipline and love that every director longs for in an actress. You know she will go there with no prodding. Anna will dig, explore and find the character bringing her wonderful humor intelligence and humanity to the role. She never rests in her quest for the truth!”  

Peter Jensen - Director - Hot L Baltimore

 “The term “working actor” truly applies when talking about a rehearsal process with Anna Holbrook. Her determination to find the truth and spark it with humor and humanity is inspiring. I envy any director who gets the chance to work with her!”

Joe Brancato - Director - Daniel's Husband






The Empty Nest


My last child flew the coop.

I headed back to the city to see what was left of me. (As an actor)

Seems there is still fuel in my tank! Who knew?!


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