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A beautiful new play by,  Paul Schwartz. Directed by Janet Bentley 

Hudson Guild Theater, 441 West 26th Street

March 2 @ 6:15, March 6 @ 9:00, March 8 @ 3:30

Click here for tickets:

The Blacklist : 

Watch for me as Mrs. Sue Fenberg, Ep. 711. I live in a mansion and am  rather upset about some goings on with my paintings. :))) Great fun. Will  post airdate ASAP

MISS AMERICA'S UGLY DAUGTER, Jan 1, 2020 opening

Love this play by Barra Grant! Starting rehearsals Dec 2, first previews Dec 28, open Jan 1- Mar 1 at the Margorie S. Deane Little Theater NYC.

HBO Series - HUNTers! 

Thank you Tucker Meyerson for casting me as 'Sister Colin' in Al Pacino's fascinating new series about Nazi hunters in the US in 1977. A good guest spot - British Catholic nun. Episode 106. Will post airdate when I know it.

new web series - ASSISTED LIVING! -

Look for me - the new 'bitch boss from hell - 'Celeste Butcher' - just TOO much fun!!! Shooting starts next week with a wonderful team headed up by creators Alli Trussell and Amanda Bullis - with superb writing by, Molly Rydzel!

HOMELAND! - Season Opener

Well Kids, I've been to Morocco and back! Yep - flew over the pond to shoot a small spot in it's 8th season. What a total treat. What a class act the entire group was. Special shout out to Leslie Linka Glatter and Alex Ganza.

Words from the critics:

On Daniel's Husband:

- Daniel’s mother Lydia (Anna Holbrook) is a tricky role to play. She is completely overbearing and yet Holbrook allows us to see underneath her veneer of affluence and control. Below the surface, Lydia is a determined mother who would sacrifice her own life for the sake of her children.  The Broadway Blog

 - Enter Daniel’s mother, the well-heeled modern and socially conscious Lydia Bixby, played with a needy and brittle demeanor by the talented Anna Holbrook .  Times Square Chronicles: Top 20 Theatrical Moments of 2018 - On and Off Broadway, London, and Beyond

 - Fabulous and sassy, Lydia is the primary comic relief in this play and also its chief antagonist, a contradiction that Holbrook embodies beautifully. She's a sparkling glass of champagne laced with arsenic." TheaterMania

ATHENA Theater Co's Falling Forward One Act series has come and gone, but here was one of the kind notices:
..... but Ms. Holbrook’s performance of the wife’s monologue near the end of the play was breathtaking.

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